Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Celebrate your birthday at Kontrast. We have all the solutions ready fot you.

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A birthday party is one of the most beautiful occasions, to invite friends and acquaintances. To celebrate your birthday together with them, is a wonderful thing. For you should the day of the anniversary of your birth with people, that are close you. Congratulations, presents, all that is part of it, too. Presumably your guests will welcome a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. And of course your relatives will be there, too. Mum and Dad are the two persons that you owe your life to. Your grandparents also have a little part in it. Probably they have a different view of your life, that´s interesting and may be right to listen to on your birthday.

If you have ideas for your birthday party, you can right of go and start the planning of your personal celebration. Each person has a different image of a perfect birthday party. Most of the birthday boys and girls will have their friends, families and acquaintances in major role. Eventually the guests shall have a beautiful afternoon or evening and remember the party in bright colours. You know, you celebrate your birthday to share the joy of your birth with all the people, that mean something to you.

Memories of birthdays

Make your birthday party to a special feast, that is remembered happily. It doesn´t matter, if you have a big birthday or not. A birthday party will always be worthwhile and your guests will be happy with your party. Make sure you think of a tasty food, chilled drinks, stylish decoration. Maybe you should offer some music and even some surprises. With a little planning you will host a succesful birthday party.

If you are looking for a location for your party, you can find the right spot at Kontrast in Berlin. There have been lots of parties at our place and we have all the requirements for your birthday celebration. We offer rooms in different sizes depending on the amount your guests. We support you in all your ideas. And of course we help you with planning and arranging, for a birthday has to be organised adequately. Therefor we want to share our experience with you.

Maybe our ballroom is the right decision. Or you feel more comfortable in on of the smaller halls. Kontrast in Berlin is the right venue for every festivity or birthday party. Here you can enjoy your party in a relaxed manner and feel happy about the joy of your guests. Convince yourself, have a look at our rooms and prices . We are looking forward to your birthday party and your birthday at Kontrast.

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